Monday, November 5, 2012

Temporary changes in powder coating. ..

Due to some changes being made , for the remainder of the year we will only be selling our stock brackets in Black coating only. You can purchase them raw for a slightly lower price. And special order brackets will be raw until 2013. We will resume clear gloss and other colors shortly after new year.

Black is the best seller by far and I'm building up a large stock of them to last thru the winter. Dont hesitate to place your orders!

And in parting are some  sweet shovels! I always love Sportsters and always will , but I love me some Shovel too!!

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  1. Black is always an elegant color. It gives the impression of being mysterious, sexy, and sophisticated. But one of the most important functions it serves for riders is it gives a never-aging look to the ride itself, very much unlike the lighter colors. Primarily, it's because there’s very little repainting needed once the initial paint is put on! :)