Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Sorry to all ..the blog has suffered due to getting ready for holidays. filling orders , shopping for the kids, Christmas concerts, all the fesvive stuff. Anyway havent had time to get on here much lately.
But just a reminder to folks , get your orders in by the 20th .. I'm makeing some stock and getting it coated so I will be able to ship "stock" orders over the hollidays. But the shop will be closed.
Will be hanging wit hfamily and friends and getting some much needed work done on the projects.

I want to thank everyone for thier support of Loud N Greasy this year ... its been a great first year!
I have lots of plans for growth over the next year... so stay tuned for lots of new products!

Also anyone who would like to see thier bike in our customer pics section ...send in those pics!

And Thanks again ! Yall Rock!

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