Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Working on some customer orders!

didnt do alot to the Shovel yesterday..

I was busy fabbing on customer orders and shooting some powder coating......
this was a special order .....a model A tail/tag bracket , as yall know I've been makeing brackets to work with Afterhours Choppers tiny tit taillights for awhile now..... I like the way this one came out , so it will be added to the "stock" options soon.
and wonderful powder coating to love it!!

oh and for those who have become accustomed to McQueensday every wednsday has been suspended due to making a commitment to only putting original pics on our blog for 1 month...
We have joined the blogsphere challenge on
Check out the guys over there!


  1. Yeah Man! I need to fab you up a lil sumpin sumpin with the bolt for the Lady Hump/Gasser Loungs/ Sailor Jerry build!