Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm gonna be out of town again for a few days.

I will be out of town starting this afternoon thru Sunday. So any orders placed during that time will ship Monday or Tuesday at the latest.
But if you place an order during this time and have to wait till Tuesday for it to ship , I will include a free gift. Not going to tell what it is .......but include your shirt size with your paypal note!

This offer will hit a few times this summer as I take my vacations.

On another note....As some of you may know I had started a build for the Lady Hump Peoples Chump for Born Free 5 . And some of you may know I had some things come up in my family life that put the build on hold because of financial and time demands .. So unfortunately I wont have the bike done or making the trip to Born Free this year.

I will however get back on the build in the near future and will take the bike to a couple of other events this winter and will make the trip next year to Born Free.
Also I would like to apologize to Allen (Lady Hump) and the guys at Gasser Lounge for not following thru in time to make it. But rest assured I will make it out to the Golden State eventually!

To show a little respect and love I'm reposting a recent pic "throwing it up" in Buffalo Gulch.

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