Sunday, September 29, 2013

Goodies for the Road to Ruin 2!!

AMade a little road trip to meet the host of the R2R , Mr. Dennis Westmoreland dmenace to you 33ers. Took him the loot . Thanks again for the lunch man!!

The bike parts include 2 sets of Zombie Performance bars. Thanks again Steffan
And a set of foot pegs from Tailend Customs. Thanks Josh! 
And of course 2 No Brows from yours truly. 

And we ended up with 15 shirts from various folks including 4 from Biltwell , thanks Bill! 
4 from Lady Hump , thanks again Allen! 
A few from Zombie , LNG and TEC. 
And then we have a snazzy Biltwell lid! 
And then tons of swag including stickers , buttons and shop rags and of course a copy of the Lady Hump 2012 mag!

There will be a few more prizes added! 

Gonna be one heck of a time. 

I heard tell there may be some live music This year!! 

Motorcycles , Camping, music , prizes and the comraderie only available with bearded tattooed weirdos can afford! 

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