Sunday, April 27, 2014

Just Kickers. Adventure.

We had quite the adventure this weekend. 

Juan's virgin ride on his shovel was very eventful. 
At the first gas stop his bike wouldn't start. But we were able to push start it and get all the way to Davis to a Napa store .
We did some messing with it in the hot sun on the street. And gave up and pushed started it again to attempt to get it to the camp ground. About 2 miles from Washita Hideaway and he lost all spark , dead in the water. 

We were able to get some guys with a trailer to help us get it I the campsite. 
Juan called his wife an she loaded up a trailer and began the trip up to get him 

In the meantime we got something to eat and walked around. Looked at bikes. 

After a short break. We went back to work on the shovel. And found a breaker was shorting out on seat post and the kill switch wire had broken. 
Fixed those and it started about 20 minutes before Juan's wife got there to pick him up.  

Will post pics of all the killer bikes later 

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