Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Generation II No Brows

Are on the way. And will be in the web store next week. 

The Gen 2 is a riser mount no brow that is slightly shorter to enable it to fit more models. So there is no need for two different versions to fit 35mm and 39 mm trees. Also we did away with plasma cutting the speed holes and will be punching all the holes. This creates a much cleaner hole and appearance. 

Also an added bonus with the punched holes is that you can run dual lights off of this bracket. One in the top hole and one in the hole in the tongue. It works with Bates style 4.5" lights and with Aris style triangle lights like a charm. I haven't tried with Yankee rectangle lights , but I'm willing to bet it will work. 

So you now have more mounting options from one bracket. 

We will be ceasing production on Previous versions of the no brow. 
The Gen 2 will be our only "stock" no brow. But we will continue to do special orders and one offs .

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