Friday, February 13, 2015

Original No Brows , Gen 2 No Brows and a plug for Terminator bars.

Ok folks the original No Brow headlight brackets are officially discontinued. 
And have been replaced by the Generation 2 No Brow ! 
But anyone that has been eyeballing an original Top Mount No Brow  should hit up Steffan at Zombie Performance ASAP. 
There is a small handful of them left thru his site. Once they are gone , they are gone. 

Steffan will be carrying the new Gen 2 sometime next week.  

And while we are talking about Zombie Performance, y'all should really check out his new Terminator bars ! 

They incorporate some slick adjustable clamps from Old-Stf. 

Of course they go great with a No Brow. 

Thanks !

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