Friday, June 12, 2015

New Products!!!!

We are proud to announce our association with Raked Out Co. They are making several products for us here. 

All these are 100% American made here in Texas. 

First up is .......... The Ready Made Pegs. 
These cling to your feet like an unemployed single mother with 3 deadbeat baby daddies!   
Machined from Aluminum. No casting here!!  Get the first editions of these for $136.50 shipped!!  Get em while they are hot!!

Next up is a plain jane version of our solid riser bushings.  As y'all may know we have had counter sunk riser bushings for awhile. But because of the countersunk bottom it didn't work with our No Brow bracket. So we are coming out with these! Get em for $32 shipped. Uses your stock riser bolts. 

Look for a few more products coming really soon!!!

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