Thursday, June 7, 2012

Grub Run 2 is in the books

We had a good ride, 2 weeks in a row the place I had picked out to eat at was closed. Why do places close on tuesdays? If the trend continues we will change nights. Stay tuned for details . But next tuesday is still scheduled. Brad Fisk was our winner this week . He won a Biltwell shirt and some loud n greasy stickers. Jay (last weeks winner was in attendance) . Aaron came down from WF on his KTM dirtbike turned supermoto. Tommy Arispe rode his Nightster and Lance and I were on the official LNG sporty chops.  We had a good time . Good riding roads . Wished I wouldve gotten some better footage. I'm still learning on this camera. But this week the handlebar mount bracket snapped and I caught the camera right as it broke.  Heres a few pics and vids from the run.

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