Sunday, June 22, 2014

3 sisters run

Fisk and I planned a run down to the Texas hill country and ride the sisters. Which is FM335 FM336 and FM337. 

We were to meet in Graford Thursday. As soon as I left Graham the rain started and soaked me. So I pulled under a bridge to wait it out a bit 

Then I got to Graford ahead of David. 
When he got there he was having trouble with the tranny on his 1200s. So I followed him back the 60 miles to Decatur so he could change bikes. 
By the time we got there he had lost all but 5th gear. On the way , in the rain my throttle stuck. So while he was getting his vrod ready for the trip. I did a little work on my throttle. 

We then got on the road and stopped for a bit to eat in Hico. Then made our way down to Fredericksberg where we stopped for the night. 

Then Friday morning we got up and headed out towards Kerrville and the sisters. We stopped at the Garvin store and I did a little advertising. 

Then we were officially on the sisters. We dropped in on the north side. And took the most technical part of the ride first. 335. 

Stay tuned for more of the story. 

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