Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Good Day.....then not so good.

So I found one of my dream bikes...a 1992 FXR in really good shape. Clean with not too much stupid shit done to it. 31k and great price.
I went to pick it up yesterday 90 miles from home. I loaded it on a trailer . Noe the trailer I was using has an expanded metal floor. I didnt want to put the tie down hook around the expanded metal incase a spot weld broke loose from angle iron frame . So I looped the tie down around the bottom of angle iron frame and hooked it on the angle. This was with brand new tie down straps from Walmart.

It was a windy , rainy day yesterday. Especially windy. I made it all the way back to my town and was turning a corner in town at slow speed when I looked in the rear view and saw it fall.......
The angle iron had rubbed the strap until it failed.
It fell and the gas tank hit right on the angle iron side rail of the trailer . Dented the tank and a glanceing blow on the AC .

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