Monday, January 14, 2013

Technology is evil

But it is a necessary evil..

I got my first Apple product a few days before Christmas , an Iphone.
I had it activated for 20 days when it started to randomly reboot itself.
Friday during a business call it decided to lock up and go to a green screen.
I did a factory restore and it did no good.

Anyway long story short, I dropped off the grid for a few days ( which isnt entirely bad)
But was a disruption to all things Loud N Greasy.

Which is another of a long list of reasons as to why I hate technology.
I think bikes should run on 6 or less wires.
Hence our slogan for bumper stickers (included in every order ) and soon to be Tshirts
"Practically Amish But With Motorcycles & Beer"

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